Mold Authority - Removal & Remediation Services in New York & New Jersey

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Mold Authority is the leader in all of your mold and indoor air quality testing needs! We ensure you to breathe easier! Mold Authority understands the serious nature of environmental issues. Whether you’re a homeowner that’s buying or selling a property, a property manager, contractor or realtor we know how to handle your problem efficiently and cost effectively. Mold Authority’s mission is to continue to provide consistent, reliable, professional and uniform services nationwide. From the beginning of our inception we had a goal of bringing you, the customer a value add that is above and beyond any and all expectations. We want every person to have the ability to breathe clean air in every breath you take. Our core values go well beyond our belief in bringing value add service at affordable and reliable services. We strive to create a better place in every single environment we visit.


Mold Authority NYC

30 Hunter Place, Staten Island, NY 10301

(646) 600-6653





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